CC05 – MARBLEBOG – “Aeon” CD (2020)

“Aeon” is the fifth Marblebog full-length and the second album to feature ambient music made with a single synthesizer. These songs evoke distant, uninhabited landscapes, mountain ranges, oceans, endless plains, lifeless planets and nebulae, nature without human presence.

Digipak CD. BUY HERE.

CC04 – MARBLEBOG – “Wind of Moors” 12″LP coming soon

Reissue of the third Marblebog album originally released in 2005, containing four meditative pieces of synthesizer music.

12″LP. Coming soon.

CC03 – ASATTARN/AIBORIA split CD coming soon

37 minutes of sombre soundscapes.

Digipak CD. Coming soon.

CC02 – ASATTARN – “Mu” cassette (2020)

“Mu” is the second full-length album of Asattarn, inspired by the Mu koan used in the Zen tradition. Each track consists of only one sequence, recorded with an analog monosynth using minimal variations in sound. Background drones were created with digital synths and effects units. The simple, repetitive nature of songs can lead to a relaxed state of mind beyond dualistic thinking.

Transparent blue cassette. BUY HERE.

CC01 – MARBLEBOG – “Ermitus” cassette (2020)

“Ermitus” was recorded back in 2003 (a bonus track was added in 2005) and was originally released as a split tape and CD that sold out a long time ago. It was the link between Marblebog’s early demo period and the first album “Csendhajnal”. New cover art was created in 2020 for this standalone re-release.

Green cassette. BUY HERE.


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